In film school I had a professor that told me there are only two kinds of movies… good ones and bad ones. I like to think that my work falls into the “good” category. But to the first part of his statement, my work is diverse. I don’t simply shoot products or portraits, lifestyle or architecture, etc. I enjoy shooting a variety of different types of images. It keeps my work fresh and challenging. Many people prefer to work with someone who specializes in a single type of image but I hope that you too will see the benefit in working with someone such as myself who can apply his craft to a myriad of subjects.

To provide you with a better idea of the scope of my work I have created the following list. It could not possibly cover the entire spectrum of possibilities so if you have a project that you don’t see here, please contact me and we will create something tailored to your specific needs.

Quotes and estimates vary depending on a variety of factors. Please contact me and we can discuss your project. At that point, I can offer your a quote or for more in-depth projects I will create a document that outlines the scope of work and associated cost. 

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