I’ve been taking pictures and making films for decades and I love it.

Subsequent to earning a BFA in Design at the California College of the Arts and an MFA in Theater, Film and Television at UCLA, I have spent the last 30 years producing and directing scores of documentary films and shooting hundreds of interviews and thousands of pictures. My work has won numerous awards including Emmys, The Image Award and others. Funny thing is, over that time I’ve come to realize that my true passion is photography.

The people and projects I’ve connected with are diverse. I’ve worked with TV networks, the military, non-profits and individuals on a wide variety of subjects from the past, present and future and they have been created for entertainment, promotional and educational purposes. Interestingly, this wide array of people and subjects has provided me with a unique perspective as it relates to the art of photography. Now that I possess this unique set of skills and resources, I am being selective in my choice of projects and clients so that I may create the best possible body of work.

Some projects are mine and some are for others but no matter what the case may be, I‘ve learned that the concept of “story” is of the utmost importance. Whether it be a fine art piece, a portrait, a lifestyle or product shot, my objective is to capture the essence of the moment and ensure that there is more to the image than the image itself.

I’ll let my images do the talking but from a for me personally, I love capturing images as a photojournalist as much as creating a fine art piece using one of my unique processes. When taking pictures of people out in the real world, it’s wonderful to see what happens when I spend some time with them and capture their personalities, emotions and relationships. It’s also a joy to create a well-lit, thought-provoking composition in the controlled environment of a studio or on location.  

Ansel adams once said, "You don't make a photograph with a camera. You bring to the act of photography, all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have love".

To that point, I simply love art. I love going to galleries, museums, the theater, concerts and movies. It’s food for the mind. It expands my horizons and influences my work. Combine that with the joy I get out of getting to know the people and subject matter at hand and the fact that I am a craftsman at heart, is why I love what I do.

If you enjoy my work and have memories to be captured or a story to tell, please contact me and I’d be thrilled and honored to discuss your needs.