I love to shoot. Products, travel, architecture, lifestyle. As diverse as these subjects and types of photography are, they have one thing in common. A story. Every person, place and thing has one. The trick is to capture it. Yes, it's true that most photographers specialize in one thing or another. My specialty is storytelling. No matter what the subject may be. Contact me and let's discuss capturing your story. Please click on the banners below to learn more about what I've captured for others and who knows... you may be next.

Whether it's for editorial, commercial use or just for fun, who doesn’t like to see a great action shot of people at their best and having fun? 


Seeing the world through a lens is one of life's greatest pleasures. If you have a story to illustrate or a place to document, I offer a unique way of seeing things. I'm based in Southern California but my camera has taken me a lot of places. So let's plan a trip!

I like to think of images of products and services as "portraits of things" and "portraits of actions".  Whether your people or products are shot against a studio backdrop or in a location setting, just like a portrait, they should reveal the character, detail and beauty. Representing your product or service properly can certainly help make your business a success so let's talk and see just how powerful images can be.