A couple of years ago I began formally sharing my knowledge of photography and filmmaking in both individual/private sessions and in a classroom setting at the Huntington Beach Art Center. I very much enjoy the process of helping others expand their creative horizons and open their eyes to the world around them. It is a joy to open minds and work with lifelong learners who want to explore their curiosity, imagination and creativity. I teach a wide array of subjects that I tailor to whomever I am working with whether it be an individual or a group. I have developed a wide array of presentations/classes/sessions that focus on the following:


Learning to See

Beginning DSLR (the Path from Auto to Manual)

Iphone Photography



Light & Shadow

Photo Appreciation (Various Genres)


Critique & Conversation

Documentary / Non-Fiction Filmmaking

Conceptualization & Writing

Production (Interviews & Original Footage)


Producing, Planning, Budgeting

How to make a Promo Film

Other Learning

Imagination & Creativity


If you are interested in my education services please contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss your needs.